Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Make Money Blogging - I Do!

Something I haven't mentioned yet, making money blogging is a real and viable way to make some serious extra money. You're not alone though. There is about 50 million blogs currently in existence and about 2 blogs get created each second of every day. So if you're going to try and make any money doing it your content must be unique and RELEVANT.

Don't get me wrong, you can't write about something so obscure that no one cares about it. To get readers and ultimately clicks on your ads you need to get very creative. Think about the things you know a lot about, or are very passionate about, and think of a unique angle on it, or in other words, a blog "niche."

Blog niches are important because if you create a blog about sports cars for instance and your key words are "sport cars," "fast," and "engines" you'll be competing with everyone else with those keywords about a very broad topic. Not a good chance of getting noticed.

Blogging is very dynamic. Like I said it's difficult to get found in the proverbial haystack of the internet. Therefore, you have to diversify your efforts. Creating unique content, appropriate key words, and submitting to search engines is only half the battle. The other challenge is getting search engines to notice your content. To do that you must show them that other people are linking to it, commenting on it, liking it, recommending it, and so on to show your site has value. You do this by creating articles on, posting on valuable high PR Do Follow social network sites like Digg, Technorati, and Slashdot. A useful tool for posting to many of these sites is Another good thing to do is tweet about your blogs and posts on twitter, post videos on youtube, and think of anything else creative you can to promote your blogs.

To monetize your blogs, you could start your own website, that way you can put any ads you like on there. If you have a great idea right off the bat this may be a good idea, but more realistically you want to experiment on a free blogging service to see what works and to post adsense ads on your site right away. I recommend but use one that you prefer.

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I have been blogging since early 2009 in my spare time. I started with the blog you're reading now, but heave expanded many others. So far I have grossed approximately 15,000 total views and and have made approximately $800. That may not seem like much, but until about 2 months ago I only had 3 blogs that got many views. I've really picked it up since. Here's a list of blogs that I've done that have been successful in order of their success:

1. NO BS ZONE - How to Make Money Online and Avoid Scams
2. Baby in my Baby - A Man's Sympathy Weight Blog
3. The Storage Wars Blog
4. Storage Wars Brandi Passante Fan Blog
5. Make Money Online – I Show Proof
6. Niche Blogging Tips
7. Love Those Crazy Republicans
8. Thinking Sensitively
9. Amazon Mechanical Turk Community Blog
10. The Defense of Gay Marriage Act (DGMA)
11. Amazon Mechanical Turk (mturk) Video Training Course
12. How to Make a Large Cat Tree for $50
13. The New Economy Problem: Deficit of Innovation
14. Saving the World One Coupon at a Time
15. Funny Cats Videos Rock
16. My Starter Home – Blood, Sweat, Tears… Triumph!
17. Justin Time 4 News - Funny news just in time to lighten up your day

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