Monday, January 9, 2012

Do You Have a Work Free State of Mind?

Do you want to ditch your commute? Leave your stuffy office? Do you want to wake up every morning at whatever time you want and have the rest of the day to complete your daily activities on your terms while still making a living?

If you answered yes to the questions above you already have a work free state of mind!

See, a lot of people want to get rich and they think that will make them happy, but instead they will have more money with more bills and bigger problems than they had before.

What truly makes people happy in their work life is the ability to completely free up their schedule. To be able to go to the park or the zoo with your children and get paid while doing it!

To get paid while sleeping, eating, or even shopping!

Can you imaging this life?


... All you need to do is to visualize yourself in this life. Meditate and think of yourself doing this everyday. How happy would you be? Would it make you happy to do your own childcare and be a bigger part of their development. What could you do with your life with all that extra time. Probably a lot of things!

8 Steps to a Work Free Life:

1. Visualize and Meditate about it, this is VERY powerful to achieve your dreams!
2. Do you really want to do this? Create a pros and cons list to be sure.
3. Create small, realistic goals and complete them.
4. Give yourself breaks, be good to yourself!
5. Talk to someone you trust about your dream, talking about it will make it real.
6. Know that you will make mistakes, then learn from them, then make more!
7. Read as much as you can, learn how others have achieved their dreams.
8. Evaluate your expenses, know that reducing spending can help you reduce work!

Good luck to you all in achieving your hopes and dreams!


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