Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make Money Blogging and Retire from Working in 1 Year

This is my experiment. Call me a dreamer, call me crazy, but whatever you do don't call me lazy, because I will retire in 1 year from my blogging and youtube adsense revenue and I will teach you too!

How will I do this you might ask? Simple, like the retail industry, I will do this through volume! For instance, this blog, the "No BS Zone: Work from Home and Make Money Online" is my most successful blog to date. In 3 short months (Oct-Dec 2011) I went from averaging about 30 page views per day on this blog and my other content to averaging 450 views daily total! That's a 1500% increase. It turns out my adsense revenue has also grown at the same pace from an average $0.25 per day to $4.00 per day, a 1600% increase. If this keeps up I'll need to purchase my own domain soon to establish my blog further and make more money blogging!

This may not seem like much, but the key is that I made a 1500% increase from grassroots hardworking internet marketing, social bookmarking, and old fashioned SEO. I don't know it all yet, but I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and continue to learn everyday at this. I plan to accomplish another 1500% increase in viewership and revenue in exactly 1 year from now. You can follow my progress week by week on my new blog:

It's not far fetched, you can do this too - Do it with me! Go for it, start a blog, or BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE. I want all of you to retire from the 9 to 5 you hate and embrace the good life and I believe there's never been a better time in history to do this. The current social revolution with the internet has made this possible. There's never been more people using their ipads, iphones, tablets, laptops, and they are hungry for good content! You can provide it to them and make money doing it. Find topics that you're passionate about and then write about them. See for yourself what works, what doesn't and then multiply your efforts, and then multiply them again and again. Make youtube videos about your blogs, post your youtube videos on your blog. I've done this by the way with my 2 youtube channels:
No BS Zone: Common Sense Advice for Life
Jello Cats - There's Always Room for More Funny Cats Videos

Become a master of marketing your unique talents and perspective on the topics you're interested in. That's all you need to do and work very hard at promoting yourself. Even if this doesn't come naturally to you it is possible to learn. Like me, have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and you will pick up all the secrets on your own. I'm not a natural salesman but I'm learning how to promote my skills. It's easy if you're true to yourself and your talents. Don't try and write about something you know nothing about, write about your passions and make money doing it!

I'll keep you all updated on my ongoing progress, and as always I will bring you the latest and greatest Free Work from Home Money Making Tools that I learn. Good luck to us all in our quest for financial independence from a job that enslaves us.

Thanks for Reading,

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