Monday, October 10, 2011

How I made $300 in my spare time on the free section of Craigslist

How I turned Free Carpet on Craigslist into over $300 Profit Making Cat Trees

There are a lot of scrappers that patrol the Free section of Craigslist and look for anything free like a old TV to scrap construction materials. It actually takes a lot of work and luck to score great things here, but if you do it right, you could actually make money.

About 3 months ago I spotted a listing in the Craigslist free section for 500 sq feet of brand new carpeting and a load of free sub-floor and lumber. I responded right away and said I was interested if it was still available. The older gentlemen giving it away had several other replies but I was lucky enough to be the first and he held it for me.

I picked it up from his house, he lived in an upscale neighborhood and he was putting in wood floors so he had no use for the practically brand new carpeting and extra sub-floor particle board. It was a lot of work to load and transport but only cost me the gas to get there and back.

My wife and I have 3 cats, and I had the idea to make Cat Trees with these materials. I had made one for my cats and they seemed to like the design. So I made one with the carpet and the wood I got on Craigslist. All I needed was some staples, screws, nails, rope, and carpet glue, and I made my first one in no time.

In a couple weeks I listed my first one in the Pets section of the Minneapolis Craigslist for $65. I figured it was a fair price with the time and work I put in. I got several replies and eventually found a buyer 2 days later. They were a young couple came to pick it up from my garage and paid me in cash.

That felt pretty good. After my overhead I netted $50 profit. After making a few more I became better and they looked more professional. By this time I found the better they looked and the better pictures I posted of them the more I could charge. The next one sold for $75.

6 Cat Trees and 3 months later and I've made a profit of about $300 in my spare time. It's not a lot of extra money but it goes to show you that you can make money scrapping on Craigslist if you're handy and you have an idea of what you want to make and get the materials on the cheap!


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