Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Become a Blog Master in 5 Easy Steps

If you're a blogger you probably want to get more readers. Who doesn't want to be an blog master right? It is a dream of many bloggers to sit on their couch and make thousands of dollars every month doing what they love but how does one get there? How do they go from being a blog hobbyist to a blog master?

1. Start small. You must learn the trade before you can earn as a master. It's no different then picking up a hammer and learning how to nail boards together. You must learn what works and what doesn't your own way often through trial and error. Start following successful bloggers and read back when they were just starting on their very first posts. What worked for them? What ideas did they abandon. What did they refine? How did their content evolve? How are they making money blogging? Study the fine intricacies of blog masters and see why they made the decisions they did.

2. Don't copy. You can learn about what they do but absolutely do not copy it. This goes for the content on other blogs but also the techniques. The niche of information and the technique they deliver it that they carved out did not come easy. If you copy the design of their blog, the content, or the search terms you will always fail. The search engines do not like duplicate content and if you copy you will be seen only as that. You simply cannot become an income generating blog master unless you're truly original.

3. Be Passionate. Blogging about topics your passionate about is very important. If you don't you'll lose interest and run out of things to talk about. The balance between what you know a great deal about and what you like to write about is the key. It also must be presented in a different way than anything else out there. If you aren't original in your delivery your content, however good it may be, will get lost in the search engines never to be found again.

4. Take risks! Challenge yourself and push your mind further than you ever thought it could go. It's when you reach mental no man's land that you discover some of the most brilliant blog topics to write about that will be an absolute hit with your readers. Daring blog masters that take great risks usually make a lot of money and experience great rewards. Even if they don't they usually learn a great deal for next time.

5. Be genuine. The difference between a TV news program, a newspaper, a magazine, and a great blog is that all of these mediums are impersonal, except that is for the blog. The modern blog is a very dynamic personal piece of literature. The writer tailors the information in such a way to draw the reader in and connect with them on a personal level. When the blog master does this they create trust. Trust is the missing ingredient that separates the amateur from the professional blog master that makes money doing what they love!

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