Saturday, December 31, 2011

Building my Blogging Empire, and How you Can Build Yours!

I'm Justin and am starting to make money online with my growing blogging empire, started with one blog -- The No BS Zone: How to Make Money Online and Avoid Scams - in 2009 and now have many including my youtube channel - Youtube Channel - "No BS Zone: Common Sense Advice for Life". I had built it up and forgot about it, and then I started to notice my adsense income starting to increase a little bit each year. It wasn't much, it was about one dollar per month, then 2, then 5, 10, 20, and eventually it was starting to increase dramatically.

I realized, there's something to this and I started blogging more and creating more content. Then in the fall of 2011 from a blog to a youtube video, I posted more content on No BS Zone and it just started to explode. I also created other blogs and through trial and error I found out what worked and what didn't. Now I'm up to over $100 per month and it's increasing from there.

I just want you to know if you want to make money blogging, don't just worry about creating that one amazing post or blog that becomes popular, focus on creating content you're passionate about. Even if it's average content, if you're passionate about it, multiply it.

Also, you want to make sure people are clicking on your adsense and or Commission Junction affiliate ads. No matter how good your content is if they don't click on it you won't make money. The key is creating content that is interesting, but not so interesting that no one pays any attention to your ads.

I'm up to about $100 per month from my blogs and my and expect to double that again in a month or so, and I'll keep you updated on my progress!

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