Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work from Home - Top 10 Most Commonly Used Phrases that Scammers Use

10. Get Rich Quick (why would anyone want to get rich slow?)

9. Easy Money From Home (why would anyone want it to be hard)

8. No Technical Skills Required (so what you're telling me is that a monkey could do it, then why don't they solicit monkeys, they work for bananas!)

7. This System Works on Auto-Pilot (sounds great, so I just set it up, sit back, and watch the dollars roll in right?)

6. Make Money Blogging (this sounds good right, but no system can show you how to make content that people will actually read, otherwise you're lucky to make $2/month from Adsense)

5. Get Paid just for Reading Emails (if this was true, we'd all be millionaires right?)

4. Data Entry Jobs Online (what they fail to mention is that this is not a real job, they ask you for money for access to their database with outdated and links that are outright fake)

3. Word Processing Jobs Online (again, not a real job, this is a fake job posing as a real job)

2. Money Making Secrets that Can Make You Rich (in this day in age, don't you think their "secrets" would be available for free somewhere on this new contraption we call the world wide web?)

...and last but not least...

1. How to Turn Your Computer into Your Personal Cash Machine (This is my favorite, whether it's taken literally or not, you have to be a moron to fall for this one, yet, it's still being advertised so someone must be!)

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